Random Thought #162

October 4, 2015 § 16 Comments


The Texas Rangers, on the last day of the season, won the American League West Division.

On Thursday they started a four game series against “The Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim” (which is still a stupid name) needing two wins to clinch.  They got one Thursday, lost two – including a heartbreaker yesterday when they were ahead 10-6 going into the 9th inning and ended up losing 11-10 -, and FINALLY won today 9-2.

Cole Hamels pitched a great complete game and showed he is worth whatever Texas traded away to get him from Philadelphia.

And the best thing is that the Angels are eliminated and Mike Scioscia finally has an excuse for that sour look he always has on his face.  The Rangers win means Houston goes to the Wild Card game against the Yankees.  Or, actually, the Yankees have to go to Houston.  Whatever.

All I know is I’m happy.

Help Wanted

September 29, 2015 § 6 Comments

There’s an opening at my workplace.

If you want a job where people treat you like poop, let me know.

(It’s not really that bad).

(Yes it is!  And getting worse by the day!)

The pay is “okay” for this area (not saying much)

The benefits are good, but declining annually.

The people you’ll work with on that shift are idiots.

You’ll grow to hate holidays and weekends because you’ll be working ALL holidays and weekends unless they happen to fall on your regular day off work (days off rotate monthly).

Life will become a drudge with a hope of a quick death to end it all.

Wow, sounds like maybe I need to look into that retirement thing again …

Really, though, it’s an okay job, but one I wouldn’t recommend to anyone I really liked.  And it’s obvious I don’t work in PR.

We have an opening because someone is transferring.  I suspect we’ll have another opening soon – someone’s head is on the chopping block but they’re too stupid to realize it, and keep doing things they’ve been warned about.

So, anyway …


Knock, Knock

September 27, 2015 § 15 Comments

A little background/reminder/update stuff.

  • I have a “No Solicitors” sign on my front door.
  • I have an “antique” doorbell – turn a key and it rings.
  • I’ve often complained about people – despite the sign – insisting on coming to my door trying to sell me stuff.
  • I’ve often complained about people not using the bell, but knocking instead.
  • I’ve often complained about the kids in the school here constantly selling stuff because I pay taxes to educate children I don’t have and feel that that’s enough.

Hey, the “G” in “GOM” DOES stand for “Grouchy!”


So, on Friday …

I was sitting in the living room when – out of the corner of my eye – I saw someone walk up on my front porch.

My wife mentioned that she saw someone walk up on the front porch.

That “someone” knocked on the door instead of ringing the bell.

I got up quickly to answer the door.

Needed to beat my wife to the door.  She’s too soft a touch and is w-a-y too free with giving away “my money” to anyone selling anything, and – if it’s a professional salesperson – she’ll stand there and answer any question they ask.

Wanted to point at the sign and do my “Hey, it’s great that illiterate people are trying to be useful!” shtick.

Or my “testing the bell” and saying, “It DOES work!”

Because – again – the “G” …


So I answered the door and standing there in all her uniformed and sparkly glory was a high school cheerleader selling tickets for a non-school drawing.

A few of the things that blasted through my head:


“35 years ago I would have killed for this to happen!”

“Damn she’s cute!”

“Wait … I know this girl.”

“Oh my God!  I can remember when this girl’s mother was a preschooler showing lambs at the fair!”

“I’m an old man!”

“I’m a dirty old man!”


I bought two tickets …

Salem’s Ear

September 25, 2015 § 9 Comments

Just some photos – a week later




She’s not real fond of being photographed …


Even less fond of close-ups …

It’s the ear on the left, btw.


From behind, where it really looks gnarly.

Won’t be so bad when the fur grows back in.


Oh, Come On!

September 22, 2015 § 17 Comments


So …

I’m enjoying a leisurely day off of work.

I’m watching “Let’s Make A Deal.”

Some woman had just won “The Big Deal Of The Day” (a new car).

She was going for a “Mega-Deal.”

Pick one of six “circles” and if it says “Winner” she would have won everything they’d offered on the show all day.

a couple of other cars, a couple of trips, jewelry, appliances, designer shoes and handbag, other stuff, and cash.

She was just about to press the button saying whether or not she had won …

When …


Come on!

They couldn’t wait 5 seconds?  His plane couldn’t have been delayed?

I mean, he didn’t even give a speech or anything – just eventually got off the plane, shook Obama’s hand, and got in a tiny little Fiat to drive to wherever he’s staying!

Now I’ll never know if some lady I don’t know from somewhere I don’t remember was a winner!  And her little girl – Mia (and NO idea why I remember that) – who told her to “pick #3” won’t get to see whether she was right or not.

I sure hope Francis & Barack can live with that!

And just when I was thinking about converting to Catholicism!


Thanks, Obama!



Just kidding … I never really considered converting.



September 21, 2015 § 12 Comments

Did you notice the $ in the title?

Picked up Salem from the vet a little while ago.  Other than a shaved ear she looks fine.

First thing I noticed was that her voice worked PERFECTLY – all the way home!

Got home and – so far – other kitties are treating her fine.  Salem is the one doing all the fussing, other three are leaving her alone.

Anyway –

  • 2 nights in the ‘hospital’
  • anesthesia
  • ‘simple’ surgery
  • antibiotic injection to stave off infection

Guess the cost?

Go ahead … guess.


That’s it!

(That sound you hear is Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeenda hitting the floor)

Big bonus – no follow-up or home treatment needed … just let her heal.



September 18, 2015 § 11 Comments

So … as to the kitties …

Almost as soon as Jerry died, Joy became ultra-aggressive towards Salem.  They’d never been best friends or anything, but Joy was suddenly being a “mean girl.”  The fact that Salem – in response – growls and howls like a wildcat at any sighting of Joy doesn’t help.

And especially doesn’t help since the brainless twit named Smokey thinks he just HAS TO get in the middle of any noisy fights, and the little a-hole named Juliet also has to get her two-cents worth in.

Smokey thinks he’s playing, but neither Salem nor Joy thinks he is … and both beat the crap out of him.

Juliet makes no pretense of playing, she’s just being a bitch.

So, occasional fighting has broken out.

Salem basically stays in the living room except for forays into the utility room to drink/eat/potty … and she’s ALWAYS stationed next to the dining table when food is present.  Salem has NEVER gone upstairs.  Most of the time she’s sitting on my wife’s lap.

Joy rarely goes into the living room except to look out a window.  Most of her time is spent in the kitchen, bathroom, utility room, or upstairs.

Smokey is upstairs most of the time.

Juliet ‘roams.’  In the evenings she’s taken to filling my lap.

The “fights” seem to break out mainly those times when Salem leaves the living room.  She ‘tolerates’ crap from Smokey and Juliet – fighting back successfully – but she HATES Joy.

All or any of this may or may not have anything to do with the rest of this post.


A few days ago I noticed that Salem was ‘flicking’ her ear around and digging in it with her back foot – as if she maybe had ear mites making it itch.  None of the other kitties show any signs, so I decided to not worry, but keep an eye on her.

On Thursday I worked a day shift.  I was gone basically from about 10:30am until 7:15pm.  My wife went to do some volunteer stuff, but was home from 1:00pm onward.

I’d been home trying to recuperate from working in what seemed to be a blast furnace (98 degrees, winds steady at 30mph and gusting to 45ish) for over half an hour before I saw Salem.  She walked into the room and her ear was ‘drooping.”  Not just held at an odd angle, but the pointy “flappy” part of the ear was hanging down over the earhole.

“What’s wrong with her ear?”  I asked rhetorically, figuring the mites were really bad – but still thinking it odd that no one else had symptoms.

My wife claimed to not have noticed anything amiss.  Sigh.

I urged Salem to get in my lap.  I planned on checking her ear and trying to find something to clean it or maybe some medicine to squirt in it – although I knew any medicine we had would be W-A-Y out of date.

I checked her ear and saw nothing wrong.  Then – damn it – I realized I was checking the wrong ear.

I reached over to check the right (and correct) ear.  The “flappy” part is completely swollen!  It’s not hard or anything, it’s a bag of puss!  She didn’t act like it hurt, and she would have let me know!

“She’s got a hell of an abscess.”  I said.  “I guess she gets to go to the doctor tomorrow.”

“Oh?”  Said my wife.  And how in the hell she didn’t notice is beyond me … but is ANOTHER reason we do not have children …

I figure either someone else bit or scratched her (although – because she’s always running away – the abscess should be on her ass) or she scratched herself and got an infection.  She has long back claws that are near impossible to trim without risking death.

And before anyone asks – no, there’s not a 24-hour emergency vet nearby.  Remember, I live in the sticks and most vets are cow doctors.


So this morning I slept as late as possible because I’ll be up all day and all night tonight.

I hoped that –

  • Salem was still alive (not a real fear, but …)
  • there was no further swelling
  • the abscess “popped” on it’s own
  • my wife would have called the vet and made an appointment

I found –

  • Salem still alive (whew!)
  • the swelling seems to have not spread
  • the abscess is still there
  • my wife went off to do some volunteer crap, no phone call made  (I know people think all her volunteer shit is great and all that, but at times I sure wish she concentrated as much on her home and “family” as she does the damned church/nutrition center/food bank!)

I called the vet.

Because this is a rural area, he’s got a regular Friday “side job” at the local Sale Barn (cattle auction) making sure people aren’t selling diseased cows.  When he’s done (which depends on the number of cattle for sale, which depends on the prices people get for cows), he will see “patients” in his office.

I left my name and number with his office, and Salem will go see him this afternoon when I get a call.

She will be less than pleased.

I will be relieved.

My wife will be oblivious.  (Okay, that’s mean, but damn it!)


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